Next Meeting. Tuesday 28 March 2017.

Second meeting this year, still not a huge attendance. Quite sure there are more chess players around so please get in touch if there is something we can change to make this easier for you to attend to have a game. Hope you can come along.

Next Meeting Tues 28 Feb. 8pm

Well, we’ve had the first meeting of the year and some great games were played. We have decided to try and make it easier for people to plan in advance to attend so we will now meet on the last Tuesday of each month. I have published the dates on the main page for the┬ánext 6 months. We are also now meeting from 8pm onwards. Although there’s no reason you can’t get there earlier and have something to eat, the food is great.

Really hope this will help people to be able to plan in advance and we see the numbers increase.

Please drop me an email if you need any more info, and remember to follow and share this page. Thanks

Second Meeting

Heres a few shots taken at the last meeting. The next one is planned for Tuesday 21 June. Please come and join us. Bring a set if you have one.

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