Next Meeting. Tuesday 31 October 2017.

Welcome to Westerham Chess Club. Formed (April 2016). We meet on the last Tuesday of the month, at 8pm at “The Grasshopper on the Green” in Westerham. We use a nice quite area upstairs which is a great atmosphere to concentrate.

An informal club where you can come along and enjoy a decent game of chess and a drink in a pleasant atmosphere.

Interest is slowly building, having only had 5 meetings so far. There were six of us at last meeting, which made for a good rotation of games.

The intention is to continue to meet up regulary to play. At the moment there is no real plan to develop further than this, not at least until we have an idea of turn out, interest and what else people would want from the club.

Its a nice relaxed atmosphere, with a decent level of play. So why not join us for a pint or a glass of wine whilst enjoying a game of chess.

Please bring along a chess set if you have one. We sometimes use chess clock apps to keep game length down although this is not a strict rule and we can and do run over time, especially for an intense game.

Look forward to seeing you, please drop me an email if you want more info and so I can keep you up to date. Also please follow and share this page.


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